Lack of CPR/AED Training in Workplaces

Many workers are not receiving important first aid or CPR/automated external defibrillator (AED) training, according to a new study published in June 2017 from the American Heart Association (AMA).  AHA says about 10,000 cardiac arrests occur in United States workplaces each year.  And, almost 90% of people who have an out-of-hospital stay actually die from cardiac arrest. However, despite the high prevalence of deadly heart attacks, one-third of workers are not being trained on how to respond if a cardiac arrest occurs at work.

Study Findings

Here are the study findings:

33% of workers have not received first aid or CPR/AED training. Of those employees:

  • 41% are general office industry workers
  • 41% are hospitality and service workers
  • 28% are general office workers
  • 23% of workers are in education

Among all industries,  43% said their employers didn’t offer an type of first aid, CPR, and/or AED training.  This was most common in the hospitality/service industry sector, with 59% saying their employers didn’t offer this important training.   Also, 51% said they do not know where the AED is even located within their workplace.  Sadly, 66% of workers in the hospitality and service industry, who regularly come into contact with the public,  do not know where the AED is located at work either.

In this study, AHA also found, in the event someone needed to use first aid, CPR, or an AED:

  • 63% of workers would know what to do if someone needed CPR.
  • 44%of workers would know what to do if someone needed to use an AED.
  • 72.5% of workers would know what to do if someone needed to provide first aid.

Does your workplace offer this type of training?  Share your experiences in the comments section.