Recruiters’ Biggest Turnoffs

You are applying for a new job and have submitted your resume, but you have yet to receive an interview.  What could be the issue?  You may look good on paper, but for some reason, the recruiter has a feeling you are not right for the job.  So, what’s behind that line of thinking?

Let’s take a look at some of the most common practices and behaviors that set off alarms during the interview process.

Being unprepared.  In short, you will be judged on the amount of effort you put into the interview.  If you show up prepared, ready, open to new ideas, and ready to answer questions, it will go far.  Look at it this way… the interaction between a recruiter and a candidate is a lot like dating.  If one doesn’t show any interest, or is rude or unprepared, the actual relationship will probably not form properly and could be doomed before it even starts.

Not showing any interest.  Arriving for an interview without showing any awareness or knowledge about the company or its vision can also be a turnoff.  Remember, the biggest thing you can bring to an interview is enthusiasm!

Being hard to contact.  When people are difficult to work with throughout the interview process, from setting up a meeting time and changing what they are looking for, can be detrimental to you.  This is usually an early sign of what it will be like to have you as part of their organization.  How can they be sure you will show up for work on time?  Will you constantly have other things to do?

Having a scattered focus.  People who apply to almost every position within one organization can also be a big red flag for recruiters.  This can cause lack of focus and you may come off as less knowledgeable, as well as unprepared.

Being untruthful.  This can be a definite way to make a negative impression on recruiters.  If they feel like you aren’t being truthful or even talking about accomplishments that you didn’t own yourself, this cause you to lose credibility.  On the other hand, being too truthful can also be a problem. If you tell a recruiter you left your previous job because you didn’t like your boss, that could cause them to wonder how you will handle your next boss.  In short, be authentic!