Construction Company Fined For Repeated Safety Violations

A Washington state construction company allegedly exposed workers to potential falls and other hazards at a residential construction site in Olympia.  Now, J & I Construction faces fines totaling $203,420 for 13 alleged violations, including several that are considered willful and repeat-serious.

The Washington State Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) found three willful violations, each with a $42,000 penalty.  The violations included not providing proper fall protection to three employees who were working on the top edge of a wall.  The wall was nearly 20 feet off the ground.  The company has been cited two other times for the same issue.

In a recent release, the assistant director for L&I’s Division of Occupational Safety and Health said, “Falls continue to be the leading cause of construction worker deaths and hospitalizations, and yet they are completely preventable by using proper fall protection and following safe work practices.”
J & I also was cited for three repeat-serious violations for not having a plan outlining the fall hazards on the specific job.  This exposed workers to unguarded wall openings that they could fall through.  Investigators also say the company also didn’t make sure workers didn’t stand or step on the top of a self-supporting ladder. Each violation carries a penalty of $21,000.The company was also cited for two additional repeat-serious violations.  These violations included:

  • not having railings on open-sided stairs to protect employees from falls ($5,600)
  • not ensuring that employees wore hard hats where there was a danger of flying or falling objects ($4,200)

It also was cited for a serious violation for not having safety springs on nail guns to protect against accidental discharges ($2,800).

The employer was cited for a third-time, repeat-general violation with a $700 penalty, for not conducting walk-around safety inspections.  It was cited for a fourth-time, a repeat-general violation with a $1,120 penalty.  This was because no one onsite had a valid first-aid card.  L&I also cited the company for two general violations that did not include monetary penalties.

The inspection began in May when an L&I employee saw three workers exposed to fall hazards while installing trusses.

A serious violation exists in a workplace if there is a substantial probability that worker death or serious physical harm could result from a hazardous condition. A willful violation can be issued when L&I has evidence of plain indifference, a substitution of judgment or intentional disregard of a hazard or rule.

As a result of the willful and repeat-serious violations, J & I Construction is now considered a severe violator and will be subject to follow-up inspections to determine if the conditions still exist in the future.

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