Unlimited Time-Off = Increased Productivity

Burnout at work seems normal and a fact of life, however, many large companies are offering unlimited time-off.  In addition to boosting morale, some employers say, eliminating burnout can also increase productivity and profitability.

However, according to new research, when companies offer unlimited vacation time, most workers say they wouldn’t change how much vacation they took.  In the study, 56% of workers and 72% of executives said they would actually take the same amount of time off, even if their company offered unlimited vacation time. While unlimited vacation time seems like a great idea, many workers have trouble breaking away from the office no matter what the official policy because deadlines need to be met.

Another survey found 40% of employees who not use all of their vacation time.  So, what is the reason?  About a third of those workers say they have too much work, while 38% are saving it for when they actually need it.  Only 3% don’t take time off because their employer discourages it.  However, “all work and no play” can lead to burnout, as well as erode your creativity.  Experts say employers should encourage staff to take time off.  One way to alleviate pressure on employees and make sure deadlines are met to to hire temporary workers or freelancers.