4 Things You Need to Know Before Starting Your Safety Career

Starting a new career, especially in occupational safety and health (OSH), can be a daunting and scary task.  Let’s take a look at some important things you need to do before starting your safety career… either in a new location or your current workplace.

1.  First of all, get others involved in the process.  Health and safety is not something you want to tackle on your own.  Enlist someone who is competent.  For example, find someone who has all the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience needed in the field.  They can help you understand how to do things in a safe manner.

Remember, you may need to bring in some outside help, especially if you are going to be dealing with some high-risk activities in your new position.  However, if your business is low-risk, you could ask other worker to help out.

2.  The next thing you should do before cracking into the health and safety profession is to spread the word.  In other works, you need to write up a health and safety policy for your specific business.  The most important things you need to cover are who is responsible for what safety issues, when to do things, and how to do them safely.

3.  The next thing is very important.  You will need to do a risk assessment at your business.  In other words, you need to identify the most likely risks you face in your business, as well as what you are going to do about them. You will need to think carefully about what kinds of reasonable steps you will take to prevent harm to employees or even the public.

4.  Next, get some valuable training.  You can get the basics of health and safety on your own, but when you are dealing with bigger risks or complicated issues, you will then need to get some professional training, such as OSHAcademy.

For more information about starting your safety career, take OSHAcademy’s free online course 700: Introduction to Safety Management.