5 Ways to Achieve and Maintain Balance Between Work and Life

Many of us are overwhelmed by stressful and busy work schedules and are looking for ways to balance both happiness and professional satisfaction. A lot of us may feel like we are taking away from our family time by working long hours every week.  Research shows; however, that priorities have shifted for many of us, who desire family well-being above everything else.   In fact, in a recent survey, 70 percent of professionals said they would trade a pay raise for an increase in personal wellness.

5 Steps to Work-Life Balance

Here are five ways career-minded individuals can achieve both professional success and personal fulfillment:

1. Look for signs you’re falling into the net-worth trap. For example, you may find yourself not having time for your kids.  Think about the look on your son’s face when you tell him you are too busy working to play baseball.  Think about the look on your daughter’s face when she asks for a tea party, but you are too busy answering work emails.

2. Don’t be an employee, be employable. Unless you are self-employed, you are always vulnerable to someone else controlling your professional destiny and, therefore, your life worth. But employees can empower themselves by diversifying their skills so that they can have more choices about where and for whom to work.

3. Bad things happen to good people. Adversity finds us all. No one enjoys the worst, most painful moments of their lives. Nonetheless, life events like loss of a loved one, financial ruin, divorce, addictions or illness tend to define us. We need adversity in our lives. Anyone can be a rock star when life is perfect. But when adversity strikes, then the “real” you is revealed. How you face adversity can either extinguish you or distinguish you.

4. Believe in something bigger than you. There will be times when you are utterly helpless, with no control over an outcome. All the money in the bank and all the authority at work will do no good when it comes to, for instance, the death of a loved one. Believing in something bigger than you is an important part of having life worth; it helps you maintain your emotional health when you face life’s biggest challenges.

5. Don’t major in the minors. As Henry David Thoreau wrote, “The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.”  For example, for every evening spent late in the office, there are moments professionals miss out on – and can never get back. Many of us spend time on things that ultimately don’t matter in the long run.  I believe the three greatest gifts you can give your family are: time, memories, and tradition.   We’ve all been told… don’t take your family for granted.