Getting Ready While Driving

Let’s face it. We’re all busy, pressed for time and, yes, probably rushing out the door in the morning 99% of the time.

Because we are so busy, many of us complete our morning routine while driving in the car. And women aren’t the only culprits. Both men and women are guilty of primping, getting ready, and beautifying while driving.

According to a study conducted on behalf of an electronic security solutions provider, ISI Secure, many drivers use their car to get ready. Take a look at these shocking statistics:

  • 52% of drivers admitted to conducting some form of morning routine after getting into the car.
  • 11% of men admitted to shaving while driving.
  • 22% of women said they regularly apply make-up behind the wheel.

Is looking into a mirror to get ready for the day really any less distracting than looking at the screen of a phone? We don’t think so either.

What’s ironic is the distracted drivers who choose to get ready while behind the wheel are typically driving during more dangerous hours of the day. Though driving while distracted at any point in the day is not ideal (to put it euphemistically), morning rush hour where there are more cars on the road and children on their way to school is definitely not a good time to take your eyes of the road.

So, though these may seem obvious, follow these three tips to help avoid distracting driving and getting ready while behind the wheel:

  1. Give yourself sufficient time to get ready in the morning before you leave the house. Yes, that might mean actually waking up when your alarm goes off and not hitting the snooze button at least five times, but driving safety is important!
  2. Develop strategies for getting ready in a shorter amount of time. You may have a list of 20 things you ideally do in the morning to get yourself ready, but sometimes you have to prioritize and just say no to that extra spray of cologne or hot pink eyeshadow.
  3. Consider not getting ready at all. Okay, so you should probably change out of your pajamas, but that scruffy beard and lack-of mascara is likely more noticeable to you than anyone else.

What have you seen people do in their cars to get ready in the morning? What else can someone do to avoid getting ready while driving? Answer these questions at HSE Press Forum or comment below.